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  • The swimming pool regulations aim at guaranteeing the safety, order and cleanliness of the system and are binding for all guests. By accessing the facility, each guest accepts the provisions contained in these regulations, the opening hours to the public, the time allowed in the aquatic centre and changing rooms, educational activities and all other rules aimed at ensuring safety. In case of group activities (associations, schools...), the group leader is responsible for the respect and observance of these regulations.
  • During opening hours, use of the pool is open to everyone as long as guests comply with the regulations and the maximum number of customers is not exceeded. The Management has the right to prohibit or restrict access to one or more pools in order to organize events or educational activities; as far as possible such restrictions will be communicated promptly. The weekly schedule of activities/courses is available at the reception desk.
  • Guests are required to behave in such a way as not to compromise, interfere with or endanger the decorum, safety, quietness and cleanliness of the facility.
  • Minors under the age of 10 can access the pool only if accompanied by a person of legal age who takes full and continuous responsibility and custody.
  • The Management reserves the right to deny access to the facility or remove any person from it, if his/her psycho-physical conditions are not suitable (e.g. drunkenness).
  • It is not allowed to give swimming lessons or other similar activities in the facility except those specifically authorized in advance.
  • Leaving and re-entering the facility with the same entry ticket is not allowed.
  • Under no circumstances will the price of the ticket be refunded.
  • The Management is not responsible for anything left unattended in the facility, including lockers in the changing rooms.
  • Anyone who does not comply with these regulations will be removed from the facility.


  • Children up to the age of 3, or in any case up to the age of self-sufficiency, must wear a specific water-resistant nappy or a leak proof swimsuit.
  • Before entering the pools it is MANDATORY to take a shower with soap.
  • The use of the cap is compulsory in all pools.
  • Do not wear underwear under the swimsuit.
  • Access to the pools is forbidden to people who have unhealed wounds or covered with bandages, irritated skin due to dermatitis etc., infectious diseases.
  • In the areas where shoes are forbidden, it is absolutely mandatory to wear clean plastic or rubber slippers or disposable shoe covers.
  • It is forbidden to bring pushchairs into the changing rooms and on pool level. Access to those areas is allowed with baby seats or similar equipment.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the reserved areas outside the facility.
  • It is forbidden to walk around naked in the changing rooms and take a shower without swimsuit except in the shower enclosures with door.
  • Guests are expressly required to respect the common hygiene rules.


  • No running inside the entire facility.
  • Animals are not allowed.
  • Do not take any breakable material, including aquatic equipment (diving masks with glass lenses etc.), or potentially dangerous inside the facility.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the pool decks or in the changing rooms.
  • Do not play dangerous games or dives, push other people, swim underwater unless authorized by the lifeguard.
  • Do not dive from pool deck, stairs or walls.
  • Make sure your behaviour does not disturb or damage regular staff work or other guests.
  • Do not enter the pools with equipment that has not been approved by the lifeguard.


  • In the lanes, proceed in a circular anti-clockwise direction, always keeping to the right.
  • Guests must follow the instructions given by the staff and obey fixed or mobile signs.
  • The teaching material is reserved exclusively for swimming or fitness courses.
  • Use the pool stairs to enter the water.

The Management is not responsible in any way for any accidents, injuries or anything else that may occur to bathers for conduct attributable to them, especially if in violation of these regulations.

The Management

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E.S.Co. BIM e Comuni del Chiese S.p.A. ha pubblicato un avviso di selezione pubblica per “Operatore complementare dello sport – bagnino di salvataggio”


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